Versatile Paris

Versatile Paris is a young French brand that was founded in October 2021 and whose main motto is transparency. The brand denies all the clichés that "float" around perfumes, it's just you and your scent, despite your age or gender.

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A unique tradition

Are you curious, who is standing behind the Versatile Paris brand? It is Coraile Frébourg – a young graduate of the École Supérieure du Parfum in Paris. When deciding where to direct her next career during the pandemic, she had a choice between working for a large multinational company and starting her own business. She decided, to the delight of all of us, for the latter option and gave birth to the brand Versatile Paris and seven perfume creations that will take your breath away.


All Versatile fragrances are unisex, modern, creative and at the same time minimalist, just like their bottles. Very handy 15ml package comes with a ball applicator and is filled with perfume extract, which is twice as concentrated as eau de parfum ­– between 30-38% (versus 15% on average for EDP). This means the scent will diffuse on your skin all day long and become more intense when you get warmer. The other big advantage of Versatile perfumes is that they are alcohol-free, the fragrance is carried by the oil base (almond + wheat), that does not irritate the skin and can also be used also in the sun. It is suitable for sensitive and tattooed skin. All products are designed and created to minimize impact on the environment.




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