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Andrea a Hanka

There was nothing unusual about the way we started our partnership.  Introduced by a mutual friend, we quickly realized that we shared the same exact vision for creating something special. We also noticed very early on, that anything we would build together was going to be beautiful, unique and most importantly, it would be something we’d both enjoy. 

In the years to follow, we have turned our shared love and passion for niche perfumes and exceptional cosmetics into this space we like to call Myskino.

The name Myskino originated from a combination of the obvious “my” & “skin”, together with an “o”  which, when pronounced in a particular way, sounds like a sigh of delight, happiness...And that is precisely what we are striving to bring to you, our customers. At Myskino, we take great care in selecting and thoroughly testing all offered brands. We attend conferences, visit manufacturing plants and even invite representatives of selected brands to our store to personally introduce and showcase their best work.

Our hand-picked portfolio contains more than 30 international and Czech brands of niche perfumes and cosmetic products.  Our goal is to offer you a truly diverse selection of products allowing each of you to refine your own, unique self.  We value your comments, suggestions, and observations.  We are particularly delighted when you share your satisfaction with our products.  Your happiness motivates us and gives us reassurance of our job well done!!

In 2019 we took our vision of Myskino even further and opened a boutique on Vinohradska 24, Prague 2.  Here you can find all of the products we offer through our e-shop. Our professionally trained staff is ready to help enrich your Myskino experience and answer any questions you may have.  Not only that. Our centrally located boutique also serves as a pick up location for your online purchases - should you choose this delivery option.  We are open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6:30 pm and from 10 am until 2 pm on Saturdays.

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Come visit us and experience our products! We’ll help you choose the perfect treat for yourself or a special gift for your friends and loved ones.

Surround yourselves with unique scents and beauty. 

Enjoy life everyday! You deserve it!

Andrea and Hanka


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