Pigmentarium - Discovery set

Almost the entire fragrance world of Pigmentarium and five years of creativity in one small box. A set of six mini perfume bottles invites creative experimentation. ORATORIO, MURMUR, PARADISO, EROTIKON, GENESIS or AD LIBITUM.

sample set (6x 3ml / 6x 0,12 Fl.Oz.)

Brand: Pigmentarium
Category: E-shop

Fragrances of very different character that you can wear as you wear very different clothes. You can enjoy several evenings of the upcoming social season, each time with a different perfume. Play with masks and stylization. The beauty of Pigmentarium perfumes is hidden under the surface and might bring a surprise. They break the stereotypes down and open up new positions of self-expression. Will you be seduced to try something new and different?

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Pigmentarium is a Czech perfume house founded in 2018 by creative duo Tomáš Ric and Jakub Florian Hiermann. They had an idea to create a brand that would demonstrate their pride regarding the Czech history and handcraft and their desire for art and interdisciplinary approach. They are the very first Czech brand creating niche perfums.

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During their creation they are inspired both by Czech history and culture but presented by contemporary artistic expression. Together with their team they believe that through the focus on handcraft and creativity, they are able to develop a timeless product fragrances which will be meaningful and inspiring in everyday life. Fragrances which will make an ordinary day special with a unique atmosphere.

The perfumer and a ´nose´ of the brand is Jakub who studied perfumery in London for six years. But his olfactory skills have been trained since his birth. Thanks to his grandmother, a passionate traveller and luxury parfums lover, he knew the most iconic and famous parfums as a small boy. In Pigmentarium Jakub is turning a lifelong passion into destiny.

The brand´s name, Pigmentarium, comes from Latin. During the First Republic it was a place where cosmetics and parfums were sold, present perfumery. Both Jakub and Tomáš are attracted to the period of the First Republic and are choosing the best from this era – design, architecture, handcraft.

The design of the bottle and packaging are inspired by functionalism and cubism. When you look at the black cap you can imagine bottles used for medications at that time. The typeface is inspired by the font used on Czech banknotes. And the two dots in the brand´s name? They represent two towers of the Prague Castle. Pigmentarium, these are not only exceptional perfumes, but the whole concept where all the details are considered and make sense.


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