Nicolaï – L'Eau Mixte – niche perfume

Top notes of bergamot and Sicilian lemon underlined with mint, grapefruit and fresh and acid blackcurrants. Petals whirl in the air, powered by juniper and nutmeg before fainting into a hint of elegant vetiver.

EDT 30ml / 100ml / unisex

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Brand: Nicolaï
€150 €55 from €55
Category: E-shop
Concentration: Eau de toilette
Fragrances: Citrusy, Spicy, Green
Liked by: Unisex

Top notes: Mint, Bergamot

Middle notes: Juniper, Grapefruit

Base notes: Vetiver, Oakmoss



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NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR belongs to traditional French perfume houses with long history. The jewel of the independent French perfume industry is famous and acclaimed in many countries, not only in its home country. But with the opening of NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR in 1989, Patricia de Nicolaï and her husband Jean-Louis Michau took an audacious gamble by creating, signing and selling her own perfumes. The era of the auteur in the perfume business hadn’t yet arrived and being a ‘nose’ (professional perfumer) was primarily a man’s role...

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From the beginning, the house of NICOLAÏ has taken devotion to top quality and complete creative freedom as its credo, maintaining a distinguished elegance that never bows to the diktats of marketing. This was the philosophy of the Guerlain family, from which Patricia is a descendant on her mother’s side. She is the great-granddaughter of Pierre Guerlain who, with his brother Jacques as chief perfume designer, propelled their company to success in the first part of the 20th century. Over the years, such rigour has captured an audience hungering for beautiful creations. Today, NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR is one of the jewels of the independent French perfume industry, whose products are exported around the world. Patricia is now assisted in her creative work by her son Axel de Nicolaï, who is also the enterprise’s director-general for development. For the Nicolaï family values both passion and tradition.

Nicolaï values and know-how

It may seem obvious, but it actually makes the difference: NICOLAÏ integrates the entire process between creation and fabrication, from the purchase of raw materials to sales in its shops. For both Patricia and Axel, it all begins with the raw materials. Together they choose from among the best sources and producers of natural ingredients. Thus Patricia’s creative palette includes Indonesian patchouli, Cambodian oud and essence of Turkish rose – unique ingredients that tingle on the skin and provide a pleasant surprise even hours later. For that too is a NICOLAÏ hallmark. Patricia is then creating new scents, supervises production and is a guarantor of the finished product.

The factory: 100 % French, 100 % NICOLAÏ!

All NICOLAÏ fragrances begin life in the company’s Paris laboratory directly behind the shop at 28 rue de Richelieu, just steps away from the Louvre and the Palais-Royal. Once approved, a perfume’s concentrate formula is sent to the factory where it will be produced at a greater scale.

NICOLAÏ owns its own production and packaging factory in La Ferté-Saint-Aubin in the heart of the ‘Cosmetic Valley’, a hub of the perfume industry that is unique in the world, located in the Eure-et-Loir district. At the factory, which also contains a laboratory, offices and a sales outlet, qualified artisans put their know-how to work in support of the company’s valuable brand. Infusion with alcohol, maceration, icing, filtration, bottling and packaging… There are so many necessary stages between the original concept and the final product sent out to the NICOLAÏ shops in France, London, or Dubai and to the authorized retailers around the world.

All perfume bottles are hand-stamped with the initials PN in black wax. Scented candles are poured by hand and made entirely of natural wax. It is a point of honour that the products are 100% made in France according to the traditional values of the perfume trade.

History of the brand

It all began in 1957 with birth of Patricia de Nicolaï in Paris, to the great perfume making family, the Guerlains. After graduation from the ISIPCA (International Institute for Perfume, Cosmetics and Food Aromatics) in Versaillesshe starts to be fully engaged in building her dream career. In 1989 Patricia and her husband decide to take the huge gamble of creating their own perfume brand. In November 1989 the NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR brand is officially launched and the first shop is opened in Paris. Among the first perfumes on sale is New York. A year later, Patricia is one of the first to create high quality ambiance scents and introduces Maharadjah, the brand´s iconic home fragrance. Patricia continues in creating new scents and perfumes such as Eau d´Été or Sacrebleu are born. Turning point is in 1998 when the first NICOLAÏ shop outside of France opens – in London´s elegant neighbourhood of Chelsea. Meanwhile, number of NICOLAÏ shops in France is growing and Patricia is named a ´Chevalier in France´s Legion of Honour´, recognizing her achievement as perfume designer who built her own brand. Patricia is also elected President of the ´Osmothéque perfume museum´ and becomes a real icon in the perfume industry.

After introducing several new perfume creations and after new NICOLAÏ openings, Axel de Nicolaï, Patricia´s second son, becomes the general manager of the brand. Thus NICOLAÏ is celebrating the firm´s 25th anniversary. With launching more iconic perfumes, the brand of NICOLAÏ confirms its unique position in the perfume industry. Nowadays, the brand´s portfolio includes not only exquisite perfumes of the highest quality, but also home fragrances and body & hair care products.

Accept the invitation to the unique and fascinating NICOLAÏ universe and its singular creations.

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