Merme Berlin - Deep Clean Facial Mask - 100% Organic Green Clay

A soft, organic clay that brightens and cleanses your skin, leaving you with a clear and fresh complexion. Rich in natural minerals, clay extracts toxins from your skin, providing clean and refined pores.

Ingredient: Superfine, organic green clay

Quantity: 80g

Certificates: Organic & Vegan

Odour: Almost scentless

Made in Germany

Brand: Merme Berlin
Category: E-shop
Skincare: Skin masks

Helps with:


✓ Excess bacteria

✓ Sebum

✓ Dead skin cells

✓ Deep-seated clogged pores 

✓ Breakouts

✓ Acne, eczema or hives

✓ Blood circulation 


Origin: The Clay is obtained from the famous Argile du Velay region in France, which is known for the purest deposits of natural green clay.

Application: Apply clay mask across freshly cleansed, damp skin 2-3 times a week, max. Leave solution on for 10-15 mins, then rinse face. Follow with serum/face oil if you use one, and then a hydrating face cream.

Tips: Wait until the mask feels ‘hard’ and ‘tight’ - the ‘harder’ a mask dries, the more dead skin cells will be removed as the mask is washed off. The clay can be applied directly to breakouts overnight, until the area heals.

Recommended for oily and combination skin types, or those who need a good facial clean.

The MERME quality promise: MERME has left the clay as it should - naturally green in color with a neutral odour - there are no added perfumes or preservatives.

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MERME´s overarching ideology focuses on ‘minimalism in a bottle’. With the goal to make skincare easy and effective for everyone, MERME Berlin is a simple, effective range of skin essentials based on best-in-class ingredients. The focus is just on one, the most effective ingredient in each product. Products are stripped down to their 100 % potency, without any hidden fillers, synthetics or chemicals. MERME Berlin serve everyone from the Green Beauty Beginner to the All-time Beauty Junkie, who has tried everything and wants to come back to the basics.

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Everything we apply on our skin, is absorbed to our body and then to our blood circulation. Usual cosmetic products can contain as many as 200 chemicals that are bad for our health. There is where MERME makes the difference remaining vegan, cruelty-free and non-GMO. With foundational product line consisting of 100% botanical ingredients, and the other with innovative biotechnological ingredients. MERME´s products are so powerful that they can stand alone, untouched, and without any added fragrances or synthetics.

MERME Berlin use only the most trustworthy and powerful ingredients, mindfully and sustainably sourced from across the globe. Products of MERME are then complemented and produced in Berlin. Ingredients are carefully chosen to focus on specific demands and help to achieve the most radiant and health skin. Ingredients used are appreciated for their power to heal, hydrate and protect all skin types at every age. At the forefront of everything MERME Berlin do, is sustainability and respecting the planet.


Claire Ralston, founder of MERME Berlin, had a passion for clean skincare already when she was studying at the Australian College of Natural Beauty. There she took particular interest in the effectiveness of non-clinical and natural beauty methods. This, combined with a further ten years in the magazine and beauty industry resulted in one conclusion: Even the so-called “natural” skincare products were full of unnecessary chemicals and toxins.

After moving to Berlin in 2014, she was unable to find good-for-you organic skincare and ingredients. So she began sourcing them herself – from then, MERME was born. German attitude to life, focusing on quality, practicality and making things easy showed her this is the right way. “I´m convinced that it is better to have one high quality product instead of about five not so potent. Ideology of MERME products containing just one high quality ingredient was inspired by this exceptional culture. As I have sensitive skin, I know that what works, is to add only one new ingredient to find out if your skin loves it or rather not.”

Launched in 2016, MERME Berlin has grown from a singular face oil to over 12 different options for clean skincare that can be combined into an individualised treatment formula. The key product is a cold-pressed Rosehip oil inspired by the beauty routine of Claire's grandmother, whose nickname is also the brands namesake.​ Her minimal-ingredient philosophy was inspired by her late grandmother, who always used homemade, organic oils to cure any skin alignment.

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