Linda Meredith - Amazon Enzyme Peel


Made up of Botanical Oils from the Amazon, Linda Meredith’s Amazon Enzyme Peel contains natural enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple, which works to dissolve dead skin cells without causing any damage to the underlying new skin.

50 g

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Skincare: Exfoliants and peels, Skin masks


Beautiful skin begins with a smooth and clean surface. Proper exfoliation removes the build-up of dead skin cells and improves skin texture and quality but must be carried out with care. The thickness of the skin varies in every individual and therefore choosing the right exfoliation product along with the frequency of use is vital otherwise new surface layers may be damaged. For a gentle peel on delicate skin leave for five minutes, for a deeper peel leave for fifteen minutes. Remove with warm water. For ideal results the enzyme peel should be used once a week.

A true wonder product, Amazon Enzyme Peel is Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Redness and Anti-Ageing; it will clean the skin clean without irritation. Certain exfoliants can damage new surface layers (particularly on sensitive skin) but Amazon Enzyme Peel works gently, making it ideal for all skin types.

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Linda Meredith has worked in the beauty industry for over 40 years. Throughout that time she has noticed a dramatic change in how our skin is evolving, researching what has caused these changes, it became very clear that in the last 60 years toxins are a major factor.

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Chemicals, preservatives and hormones are now part of our everyday life and have had a dramatic effect on our skin. Existing products no longer address our skincare needs, following the guise of oily, dry and combination for so many years we have all been pigeon-holed into thinking we have only one choice. Skin types still exist but they now overlap meaning existing methods no longer work. For this reason, an alternative concept in skin care needed to be created.

The Linda Meredith skincare range was developed to deal with skin problems and not skin types, which is why we introduced layering. Our entire range was developed to overlap and each product work in harmony to address individual issues. We all know that some days we may feel tight, other days we may have dry patches or breakouts, so each product within the range has been designed with certain attributes, however when overlapped the effectiveness is increased, normalising skin and revealing a naturally glowing complexion.

All of our products work to increase hydration levels and help to slow down the ageing process, but more than that we have removed unnecessary chemicals such as parabens and made all of our products safe to use during pregnancy. Our concept is to feed the skin with essential ingredients as we feed our body and we believe this is the way forward to the next generation of skincare products. The results speak for themselves.

London facialist Linda Meredith has a waiting room as star studded as any Hollywood red carpet. With hundreds of celebrities, socialites, Royals and “it” girls amongst her most loyal clients - her phone number is in the black book of every A-lister looking for that extra glow. She continues to treat the most celebrated faces in the world. 


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