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"I imagined La Castiglione strolling at night between Place Vendôme and the Louvre." - Anaïs Biguine

This nocturnal, vampire-like creature has burst upon the social scene, where she brings a fragrance of newness. She is perfectly beautiful with a boldness that makers her fashionable. La Castiglione has odd manners. She doesn’t make conversation, babble or dance, for she wants to be an almost silent divinity, like a  statue, an effigy. 

By candlelight, La Castiglione evokes a lusty, sooty commotion: bewitching patchouli, libidinous copaïba, elegant cade and caressing ambergris. A fragrance with a dark vapour trail.


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Category: Fragrances
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Top notes: Citron - Mugwort 
Middle notes: Copaïba - Liquorice - Patchouli - Sharp cedar
Base notes: Ambergris - Myrrh - Styrax

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Imagine you go back in time. France, the 19th century and the era of elegance and gaiety called La Belle Epoque. This period was a real stunning mix of artistic creativity, political power and cultural development that had no parallel till this time. Many boulevards, cafés and restaurants came into existence. This period was about a huge boom of photography, the birth of cinema and shocking scandals that were more and more often as a part of that cultural life. The most of them were caused by so called Queens of the Night, known as well as Les Cocottes in Paris.

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Les Cocottes were exceptional women that had their own rules. Gorgeous and charming, they were admired not only for their bewitching appearance, but also for their talent for dancing and singing. They entertained, seduced... and soon they were famous all over the world.

Anaïs Biguine was inspired by three French courtesans of the era. This extraordinary perfumer loves to be inspired by a fascinating life of interesting personalities from the past. Les Cocottes attracted her attention for their wild soul. They were unrestrained, wild, admired… They were the first women that claimed freedom. And they also hit the headlines in the way that was unprecedented. Les Cocottes de Paris offers a triptych Belle Epoque and represents three charming perfumes that capture characters of these exceptional women and scandalous icons. As fascinating, sensational and beguiling as a fragrance can be.

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