Hima Jomo

The perfume brand Hima Jomo, founded in Paris in 2022, is the result of collaboration among experts and perfume enthusiasts from China, Tibet, Bhutan, India, and France. Its story began during the pandemic when isolation deepened the gap between urban dwellers and the natural world. This experience sparked a desire to reconnect with nature, which the brand aims to fulfill through its fragrances.


Hima Jomo's scents offer wearers an adventurous journey to the Himalayas, allowing them to rediscover a sense of well-being and return to their roots. The brand name combines "Hima", symbolizing the sacred abode of snow and a source of life for half the world's population, and "Jomo," referring to a goddess protecting the majestic snowy mountains. This combination reflects the lifestyle philosophy of Himalayan nomads, who find peace and happiness in a simple life focused on essentials.

The Treasures collection by Hima Jomo is inspired by the finest Himalayan ingredients and offers natural perfumes in minimalist packaging designed to reflect simplicity. The brand prides itself on its "no cruelty" approach and encourages detachment from the hectic world to live in the present moment. The trio of fragrances from this collection takes wearers on an olfactory journey through Tibetan villages, rituals, and rich botanical ingredients, celebrating simplicity and natural beauty.


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