AFFINESSENCE was created and founded by French artist Sophie Bruneau. Born out of the creator’s passion for base notes, this luxury perfume collection has been created exclusively from essences that are traditionally used as base notes. When you imagine that these “sensual perfume signatures” you will find in an exclusive box from polished exotic wood, hidden in a cashmere sachet, you can appreciate this as a real exceptional olfactory experience.

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Sophie Bruneau has always been drawn to perfumes. At an early age, she collected samples and adverts. “I was a ballet dancer, piano player and sculptor, but out of all the arts it was perfume that I threw myself passionately into.”

25 years’ experience in the perfume and cosmetics industry

As Marketing Director Sophie Bruneau created, developed and launched a number of perfumes and cosmetics for several high-profile brands. She has a soft spot for brands which are deeply rooted in nature, where she can cultivate her passion for natural ingredients. She has always been determined to develop fragrances hand in hand with perfumers: directing the creative process while respecting their skills and artistic sensitivity. “It is only in this way that we can create a product which resonates with every one of our senses.” 

AFFINESSENCE and creation of The Base Notes Collection

In 2013, Sophie Bruneau decided to launch her perfume consultancy company, AFFINESSENCE. Soon after, in 2015, she created The Base Notes Collection. She wanted to take her passion and conviction to the next level, and this is why she decided to launch her own perfume collection. “This project has been growing in my heart for a long time: combining the audacity of a “base-focused” line of perfumes with the high standard in quality.”

Creation must always go hand in hand with passion, so she wanted this artistic endeavour to be imbued with a real sense of meaning and a real connection to her brand, AFFINESSENCE. Wearing a perfume by AFFINESSENCE means imbuing your senses and your spirit with a truly original presence and signature. AFFINESSENCE dedicates this collection to those who love exemplary quality. Above all, this is dedicated to those who are sensitive, who choose a smell, a fragrance and the emotions it provokes. This is for those who want to let their senses and their heart speak out.




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